Six Things to Consider Before Hiring New Employees

24 May 2019

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Whether you’re looking to make a first hire or expand your existing team, recruiting a new employee is a big deal.

A well-defined hiring process will save you money, minimise time spent on interviews and most importantly increase your chances of getting the right person in.

To help shape your strategy we’ve compiled the following checklist of headline items we believe are important.

What are you looking to achieve

It might sound simple, but stepping back from day-to-day operations to consider why you want to make the hire should be the first thing you do. Where does this new employee fit in your growth strategy? what do you want them to help you achieve?

Internal resource

Looking at internal resource is part of the recruitment process that’s often missed. While this can seem counterintuitive when considering a new hire, you may find you already have the skills or capacity you need inhouse.

Whether you decide to reallocate existing work, upskill members of the team or implement a technology change – the solution to growing your business may be closer than you think.

What type of employee

Once you have clarity on what you’re looking to achieve and have crossed internal resource off as an option, you next need to consider the type of employee that’s right for your business.

Do you need a new full-time member of staff or will somebody part-time a couple of days a week provide you with the support you need?

Freelancers are another option. The number of individuals working this way has increased dramatically in recent years. With an open mind, this flexibility is something you may be able to make work for your business.

Getting the word out

We live in the social age, so before you start working with a recruitment consultancy consider how you can leverage your own contacts to find suitable candidates.

Your first stop here should be LinkedIn. It’s an excellent platform for requesting recommendations from individuals already in your network. Beyond social media, building partnerships with specialist media outlets in your industry can also help with the hiring process.

Pre-screen prospects

Recruiting a new employee is time consuming, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any tips and tricks that can be used to streamline the process.

Pre-screening promising prospects is a great way to dig a little deeper and go beyond the details included in the prospects CV.

The time-saving benefit here is clear. In the same amount of time it takes to do two or three face-to-face interviews, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to rattle through six to eight pre-screening phone calls.

Team fit

While personality type and team fit may become apparent during the interview process, personality tests are another way of minimising hiring risks. is a free tool that can prove extremely useful when making a big decision on a new recruit.

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