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Dext Prepare

For automated bookkeeping and data entry:

Dext Prepare uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to instantly scan and digitise your paper receipts and invoices.

Scanned receipts are automatically turned into financial data that’s pulled through to your accounting system, removing the need for manual inputting and saving you hours of bookkeeping time.

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For automated Direct Debit payments:

GoCardless gives you a fast, simple way to take automated payments from your monthly customers.

When linked to Xero, payment is collected automatically as soon as the invoice due date is reached. That reduces your admin load, gets you paid on time and boosts your cashflow position.

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For recording your mileage:

Tripcatcher is a mobile app that makes it easy to record, track and claim your business mileage.

Calculate the distance travelled, upload your expenses data to your Xero accounting software and even work work out the VAT percentage of the travel expenses.

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For automating your credit control function:

Chaser automatically sends out personalised chaser emails as soon as an invoice is past its due date.

By automating the credit control process, you save your team hours of chasing time, reduce your aged debt number and give your cashflow position a positive boost.

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For managing your inventory:

Unleashed gives you a simple, yet powerful, way to manage your inventory online.

Full integration with Xero means you have real-time numbers in both systems, full visibility of your stock and can create detailed reports around your current inventory levels.

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For running your payroll:

BrightPay and BrightPay Connect provide an online solution for running your payroll in the cloud.

Securely run your small business payroll in the cloud, safely back-up all payroll data and let employees access payslips and manage their key details through their own unique account.

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For managing your HR:

CitrusHR provides support and software for managing your human resources.

With a secure employee database, 24-hour access to your employee information and full integration with Xero, it’s the easy way to manage timesheets, holidays, staff appraisals and HR reporting.

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