Guv’nor Package

For scalable businesses that are looking to invest

Business advice aimed at scalable businesses who need a virtual FD on board

When you’re ready to scale up the business, it’s vital to have the right investment factored in and a trusted business partner on board to help advise and guide you.

"Having a financial expert on board keeps your growth on track.”

As your business grows, you’ll get to a certain point where additional investment become critical to the ambitious goals you’ve set for the company.

To help you expand fast, you need real insights from your numbers, great access to finance and a virtual FD who helps you achieve every single objective on your business plan.

Three key steps for scaling up your investor-ready business


The best possible financial management

Financial management that runs like a well-oiled machine, keeping you efficient, transparent and profitable.


Real-time business intelligence and forecasting

Regular real-time scorekeeping that keeps you in total control of your business performance, now and in the future.


A virtual FD to guide every decision

The drive and confidence of having your own FD on board to offer advice, support and commercial expertise.

By working with FD Works, I have increasing amounts of information that allow me to make business decisions more creatively Ruth Miskin – Ruth Miskin Training

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We can help you to get your numbers in order and have more confidence in your business.

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