National Careers Week: What Skills Do You Need in a Finance Career?

07 March 2023

National Careers Week is all about drawing attention to the different options available to those in work. And opportunity is what we're all about at FD Works! Throughout the year we visit schools to highlight the various routes into finance and business and expose students to a new network. So, of course we had to take the chance to celebrate our wonderful team this careers week and shout about the fantastic skills they bring to the table.

One of the main objectives of National Careers Week (NCW) is to break down any stereotypes and potential misconceptions about careers. We want to encourage young people to explore all their options and pursue their passions.

NCW is a great opportunity for students to learn about different industries, gain valuable insights into the world of work, and make connections with professionals. At FD Works, we do things a little differently.  We encourage everyone in the team to take control of their own growth and learning and drive their career in whatever direction they choose.

To celebrate National Careers Week 2023, we’re shining a light on the soft skills that have been influential in the success and development of our team. What are soft skills? Well, we’re glad you asked…

How are soft skills influential in development of careers?

Soft skills are essentially the non-technical abilities that people possess. Skills such as adaptability, the ability to work well in a team, leadership and communication all make sure a well rounded employee. All these skills can be developed naturally throughout our lives. While technical skills are also important, it is the soft skills that can set individuals apart in their careers and job interviews. 

Employers aren’t just looking for individuals who can simply perform their tasks competently. They also need those who can work well with others, handle pressures, and think outside the box. Soft skills like these are crucial in any profession. They help to establish good working relationships, build trust and create a positive work environment. By developing and cultivating these soft skills, individuals can enhance their career prospects, boost career development and continue to grow professionally and personally throughout their lives.

Most people would make the assumption that success in finance comes from being analytical and process driven. Of course, that helps, but at FD Works it’s the surrounding skills that really make us special. We value the ability to make mistakes and carry on, a willingness to get involved and a positive attitude above algebra experience.

Our team come from a varied background, from corporate finance to independent restaurants. It’s that mix of experience that allows us to tackle issues from every angle. Diversity of thought is vital to any industry and finding the right path for you will build the soft skills that will carry you further than any amount of knowledge on its own.

The soft skills that make us successful…

Instead of us talking about soft skills all day, you’re far better hearing it straight from the team. Hear from them directly about the specific skills that have helped them succeed.