Helping to reduce the gender pay gap

05 March 2018

The gender pay gap has been big news recently. Institutions like the BBC, the major high street banks and larger corporate companies are being increasingly challenged on the differences in pay between their male and female employees.

But the gender pay gap doesn’t just affect larger organisations. The UK’s small businesses have a big part to play in making sure pay is fair, equal and transparent across the SME space.

Lucy Anstey, FD Works’ Payroll Manager, explains how we can all do more to reduce the pay gap.

Getting your salaries out in the open

If a business has over 250 employees, you’re legally bound to publish reporting on the breakdown of pay across the genders in your organisation. This gets your salary scales out there in the open and helps your staff, investors, stakeholders and potential new hires see how progressive your business is when it comes to pay equality.

For business owners and their management teams, it’s important to push the envelope when it comes to pay and equality. For start-ups and smaller businesses having a smaller number of employees makes it easier to be agile and flexible, and to action the right changes for making pay equal across the team – with real transparency around your salaries.

Advice on equal pay from Citrus HR

At FD Works, we partner with Citrus HR to provide top quality HR support, guidance and advice for the small business community.

Citrus HR have shared their steps for making the salaries in your small business fairer, and helping to set the foundations for a reduction. Follow the link below and take a look at their blog post – with a helpful overview of how technology can help you to monitor and review your pay and keep your business pushing the gender pay envelope.

If you’re interested in using Citrus HR in your own business, please do get in touch with the Citrus HR team to find out more.

Contact Zoe at or phone her on 01225 618656 – and remember to mention that you’re an FD Works client.

Who are FD Works?

As an accountancy firm we take a different approach to finance. Our team of accountants, advisors and Xero experts work with progressive businesses across Bristol, Bath and the wider South West. We help our clients get a handle on their finances and make bold business decisions. 

Read Citrus HR’s advice on the gender pay gap

Mind the gap! Closing the gender pay gap in small businesses

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Lucy Anstey is Payroll Manager at FD Works