Sole traders

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What expenses can I claim when working from home?

Work out your claimable expenses when working from home with this step-by-step guide from FD Works.

Setting up as a sole trader: Part 4 – Why you need a great accountant

Why your sole trader business needs a good accountant on board.

Xero’s getting smarter with coding and machine learning

Xero is bringing machine learning to your bookkeeping, to automatically code your transactions and expenses.

Setting up as a sole trader: Part 3 – Sticking to your business plan

The importance of a good business plan for freelancers and sole traders, and how to track, review and take action based on your plan.

Setting up as a sole trader: Part 2 – Getting the basics right

How to set up your banking, finances and tax so you're ready to become a sole trader.

Why you need a holiday from your business

Why every business owner needs a holiday - time to relax, recuperate and reflect on the future of your business.